A collage of Asian & Pacific Islander individuals with naturally wavy, curly and coily hair.

Our Website Launches!

API Curls launches a website dedicated to empowering Asians and Pacific Islanders with naturally curly hair.

After seven months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to announce the launch of our website at www.APICurls.com!

Our goal with this website is to provide our visitors a safe space to learn about the vibrant curly hair community, freely embrace natural hair patterns and textures, and be empowered to drive change for the future. 

This website has three very specific calls-to-action that we hope you’ll join us in:


Commit to loving your natural hair texture. Browse (and follow!) our blog and media for information on best hair care practices, shared stories, and relevant dialogue changing our curly hair narrative in API cultures.


Share your story and how you found our site (there’s a reason you were looking for something like this!). This community is about sharing our experiences so we can recognize our commonalities and become a positive voice for change.


Participate in our monthly creative prompts or hair care challenges, designed to build confidence, invite thoughtful conversation about how it feels to be excluded from traditional beauty standards, and finding a space for our uniqueness. 

Site visitors will be able to see and learn about the faces and lives of those who are an active voice for the API Curls community. The story submission page will act as a safe space for individuals to share their experiences of understanding the relationship between their hair, identity and culture.

We will be constantly updating and adding onto our content with helpful information, thought leadership, company announcements and community successes in the Blog. Furthermore, we have plans for unveiling additional site functionality in the months ahead.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch.

We would like to thank the following individuals who’ve contributed and helped make this site what it is:

We’d also like to acknowledge our web partner FOR•GE who executed a vision beyond our wildest dreams. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

For any questions, comments, quips, quotes or queries, please email us.

Thank You!

Rosie Chuong
Founder, API Curls


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