August 2020: STARTER KIT

August 2020: Starter Kit

Starting is always the hard part, but starting is the only way forward. The beginning of a healthy hair journey may be met with some mountains that will be hard to climb. There will be days of frizziness and frustration. There will be days when your brain hurts from having to absorb lots of information about curly terminology or memorize all the steps you took to achieve that perfect wash day.

Starting is always the hard part which is why we’re calling on our community to help a new curl friend out with this month’s Commit To Your Curls Club theme: STARTER KIT.

We want to see how you commit to your curls by snapping and posting a photo or video of a kit you’d create for someone who wants to begin their healthy hair journey!

Head on over to social to participate and don’t forget to tag @APICurls #APICurls once you create your kit!


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