Ayesha Malik on the Cover of Curl Magazine's First Issue

Asian Women Share Their Curly Hair Experiences In The Media

We love seeing more representation of the API Curls community on other platforms!

Show some love and support by commenting on these platforms, sharing the links on social media, and by tagging appropriate accounts encouraging more representation and opportunities like these:

Texture Tales: Nisha on Creating Her Own Beauty Standards By Loving Her Curls – Naturally Curly, by Nisha

Taking Back My Curly South Asian Hair – Medium, by Somya Gupta

Conquer Your Curls, Conquer The World – Curl Magazine (Issue No. 1), featuring Ayesha Malik 

Texture Tales: Maxine Celebrates Her Ancestry By Embracing Her Curls – NaturallyCurly, by Maxine Dimalanta

hello internet: this is a story about an asian with naturally curly hair. – Medium, by Michelle Lee Chang

Curly Hair in the South Asian Community –  Bouclème, by Aliya Riyaad

Texture Tales: Reina on Changing the Narrative for Asian Women with Curly Hair  – NaturallyCurly, by Reina

How Having Curly Hair as an Asian Woman Made Me Question Beauty Standards – Teen Vogue, by Rosie Chuong

Learning to love my curly hair in the South Asian community – gal-dem, by Nikita Rathod

Messy, Curly Hair Shaped My Identity as an Indian-American Woman – Teen Vogue, by Neelanjana Banerjee

“Filipinas don’t have curly hair” And other lies I’ve told myself – Medium, by Jay Tolentino

Check out our social for the faces (and beautiful hair) of our community where we break and demystify myths and misunderstandings about Asian hair.

*This page will periodically be updated to include relevant articles and features of our community members 


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HEADLINER: Nadia Pugh @nadwines

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