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One of the ways in which you can be involved with API Curls while having fun is to participate in our quarterly creative prompts!

We invite you to join our Commit To Your Curls Club, a content series dedicated to challenging and inspiring others to creatively show up for our curly hair community.

Each quarter on this page and on social, we’ll release a topic theme, along with a write up detailing what to do.

Entries that are posted on social feeds and stories will have an opportunity to be featured on our API Curls channel.

We’ll update this page periodically so you can view all past and present themes.


Mane-ifest Change

CHANGE. It’s uncomfortable, risky, and challenging. But you didn’t come this far to just get only this far. There’s so much more ahead of you, and we’re committed to helping you make positive changes not just for yourself (ahem, your healthy hair journey), but for your community as well.

The caveat, however, is that there’s only one tried and true way to make real and lasting change, and that is to MANE-IFEST it.

So for this quarter’s Commit To Your Curls Club theme, we want to help you MANE-IFEST CHANGE. Start with this:

  • Share what type of change you’d like to see mane-ifested in the world and how you’ll support those ideas. No idea and no initiative is too small for change. Check out our stories and Curls Club highlights for more inspiration.
  • Post to your story and feed
  • Tag @APICurls #APICurls
  • Entries will be shared on API Curls stories + feed

We can’t wait to see what you’re tackling this year!


View previous prompts, entries and participants below!


Have an idea to share that you want us to consider? All original ideas will be credited to individuals who submit.


Not on social media, but still want to participate? Upload your content and we’ll take care of the rest. 😉