Curly Hair Cleansers & Conditioners

Intro to cleansing and conditioning curly hair

The foundation of a fabulous wash day for your curls starts with the washing routine. Learn the lingo and incorporate the steps that you need to build a routine that’s right for you.


This step involves adding a hydrating, enriching or stimulating oil to the scalp either the night before or at least 15 minutes before washing hair. Oils commonly used include the Righteous Roots Rx, coconut oil or olive oil.


This step is usually recommended BEFORE stepping into the shower and washing hair. It involves detangling hair before adding water to it. You can either finger comb through hair or use a wide tooth comb.


In this step, you’ll focus solely on your scalp. Products that can be used in this step (pick one) include a clarifying shampoo, a low poo, a no poo or a scalp scrub. Massage the product into the scalp and do not apply to ends. You could use a scalp massager to stimulate the scalp further. Wash out thoroughly.

*While this step is recommended for all hair types, those who co-wash will skip this step.


You’ll now focus solely on the ends of your hair (gauge by below the bottom of your ears). In this stage, you’ll want to apply a conditioner of your choice. To ensure that your hair is properly moisturized and penetrated, your hair strands should look slimy and silky without any pieces of hair sticking out. Apply water and conditioner as necessary to make this happen.

During this stage, you may or may not be using a product that instructs you to either rinse out (known as a “rinse out conditioner”) or leave a little of the conditioner in (known as “leave in conditioner”). This is dependent on how much moisture your hair can handle and if whether you have a different product you’ll be using for your leave in step.


This step is not necessary for every wash day and will only need to be incorporated whenever your hair tells you that you need it (although we recommend it weekly for preventative measures).

Deep conditioning involves utilizing a specific product, usually labeled as “deep conditioner” or “hair mask” and is typically left in the hair for at least 15 minutes up to 30 minutes before rinsing out. The difference between this and regular conditioning is that the daily conditioning process usually involves 5 minutes of your time.

There is a technique that involves an “overnight mask” where you leave the product in your hair overnight, however there are many schools of thought as to whether this is beneficial or harmful to hair. As we always recommend, feel free to experiment, question and challenge, and above all, listen to your hair.


Similar to the deep conditioning process and sometimes used interchangeably, a protein treatment is typically left in hair between 15-30 minutes before washing out. This specific type of product usually has multiple protein ingredients in the formula and is commonly used on hair that has experienced coloring or heat damage to help assist the hair transition back to its natural pattern.

Now that you’re familiar with all the different steps of the washing process, it’s time to build your own! Comment and let us know what your wash routine is like and which products you like to use!


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