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The back view of curly hair

Michelle shares how creativity helped her understand her curls and identity. “I still haven’t met anyone in New Zealand, who has curly hair who’s Asian. I feel like I just had to kind of get

Is anti-Blackness the reason why you don't see many Asians with curly hair?

*Please note that “anti-blackness” has multiple definitions. In this post and video, the writer/speaker refers to the term as “anti-Blackness” with a capital B pertaining to racism against the Black community. This post covers this problematic

In response to the viral #DontRush and #PassTheBrush social media challenges (co-created by Toluwalase Asolo + her 7 girlfriends), members of the API Curls community participated in this viral sensation, but with an Asian Curls

Cherilyn Y

I think the strangest thing in my wavy (curly) hair journey is that I don’t remember having wavy/curly hair as a child. My hair was what people typically think Asian hair is: fine, straight, black.

Stop AAPI Hate

Our safe space is always here for you. #stopAAPIhate Resources, Support & Tools AAPI Community Fund: @napawf_atl  @napawf @asianmentalhealthcollective @jointhecosmos Diversify Your Feed With @aajil_org @aapiwomenlead @representasianproject @huffpostasianvoices @impact @overachievermagazine @angryasianfeminist @asianamericangirlclub

HEADLINER: Nadia Pugh, NAD Wines

Natural Curls and Natural Wine with Nadia “Just reach out to folks. Work with them, not around them.   If you’re really trying to bring new folks in and create an experience that is different,

Tears streamed from my eyes as I saw myself for the first time: bountiful curls framed my face, the smooth spirals a deep contrast to the frizzy, tangled, unmanageable hair I had wrestled with my

Mane-ifest Change

CHANGE. It’s uncomfortable, risky, and challenging. But you didn’t come this far to just get only this far. There’s so much more ahead of you, and we’re committed to helping you make positive changes not

Viji, @CurlyHeavenSG

Movement Leader Vijaiam Wants You To Start A Curly Revolution Where You Live “My goal is for Singapore to be recognized. We have a curly community that exists here and we need your products, we

HEADLINER: Florence Williams, @theblendedbeauty

Content Coach Florence Williams Shares What She Wants All Creators To Stop Doing To Create A More Inclusive and Equitable Community “We’re all-in-one. We’re doing something you can’t do on your own or without hiring

4 Major Things I Learned About The Naturally Curly Community in 2020

For 2 years in a row as part of my curly hair journey anniversary, I’ve recorded a video that encapsulates what I’ve learned about the curly community for the year. I usually publish that video

HEADLINER: Where Curls Take The Mane Stage

ABOUT FEATURED HEADLINER APPLY FAQ ABOUT We built this MANE STAGE for YOU: the MANE act, the MANE attraction. Now, it’s time we take center stage and speak up about our stories. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our content series, HEADLINER featuring individuals doing

A collage of a Cambodian woman and her curly hair journey

How did you learn that it wasn’t attractive to not have straight hair? Was it through classmates at school? Were your parents adamant about the way you appeared? Has the media shaped your understanding of

Collage of Righteous Roots Oils and Boucleme Products for our Website Launch International Giveaway

What’s a launch without an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY? We teamed up with Righteous Roots Oils to gift TWO lucky winners a combination of Righteous Roots Oils and Bouclème products to celebrate the launch of our website!

A collage of Asian & Pacific Islander individuals with naturally wavy, curly and coily hair.

API Curls launches a website dedicated to empowering Asians and Pacific Islanders with naturally curly hair.

August 2020: STARTER KIT

Starting is always the hard part, but starting is the only way forward. The beginning of a healthy hair journey may be met with some mountains that will be hard to climb. There will be

Since our inception, there have been many big questions asked in relation to social injustices, racial inequalities, gender biases, stereotypes, assumptions, common misconceptions and myths, and how all of those thoughts, perceptions, opinions and systemic

Curly Hair Cleansers & Conditioners

The foundation of a fabulous wash day for your curls starts with the washing routine. Learn the lingo and incorporate the steps that you need to build a routine that’s right for you. PRE POO

Are you THRILLED to be entering the curly world? We’re thrilled for you, too! We believe in building a Tribe of people to help foster a positive experience for your healthy hair journey. That’s why

Between having to do daily product experiments on hair and learning all the new lingo, we’d argue that curly people should have a right to add “Scientist” and “Scholar” to their job titles! Below are


“Pink lemonade sippin’ on a Sunday,” sang Sam Smith in his heart wrenching 2020 single, “To Die For” and we couldn’t agree more that this lyrical line epitomized the essence of summer. Whether you’re still

ABOUT CURLS CLUB CURRENT THEME PREVIOUS THEMES SUBMIT ABOUT One of the ways in which you can be involved with API Curls while having fun is to participate in our quarterly creative prompts! We invite

The short answer is: YES. But it’s not the answer to this question that should be surprising-it’s the mind frame people have when asking this question. When people outside of the Asian community are trying

Ayesha Malik on the Cover of Curl Magazine's First Issue

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