BIG questions for the API and curly community

Since our inception, there have been many big questions asked in relation to social injustices, racial inequalities, gender biases, stereotypes, assumptions, common misconceptions and myths, and how all of those thoughts, perceptions, opinions and systemic foundations affect the curly and Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Those are our questions, too. And we want answers.

This page serves as a place where we’ll park questions, topics and ideas brought by the community so that we can encourage dialogue among each other, discuss the why and reasonings and eventually answer them together.

  • ANTI-BLACK SENTIMENT: How does anti-Black sentiment in the Asian and Pacific Islander community affect our relationship with the Black community? Does anti-Black sentiment play a role in our allowance to wear our hair naturally curly?

  • RACISM TOWARDS ASIANS: How does the Asian and Pacific Islander community experience racism? How is it different than racism towards other communities? What racist remarks are used between the connection of curly hair and people who identify as API?

  • ASIAN HAIR MYTHS: What are some common misconceptions about the distinctions of Asian hair? How has this been used to maintain the Asian beauty standard, which has predominantly been reserved for pale skinned, thin East Asian womxn with shiny, long, black straight hair?

  • FETISHIZING AND SEXUALIZATION OF API WOMXN: In what ways are API womxn sexualized in society? Where does naturally curly hair fit within the context of being fetishized as an API womxn? Is being fetishized a privilege? Is being labelled “exotic” harmful or helpful?

  • THE NATURAL HAIR MOVEMENT: What is the difference between having natural hair and having naturally curly (or wavy or coily) hair? Is it ever appropriate to wear a protective hair style if a person is non-Black and doesn’t have natural hair?

If you have questions that you’d like to park here so that we can refer to it and bring it up to the community, message us and we’ll add it to the list!


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