About the API Curls community

A multicultural digital community exploring hair, culture and identity

API Curls spotlights underrepresented people in beauty and their personal healthy hair journeys through the lens of culture and identity.

We recognize the vast range of natural hair patterns and textures, especially for those who identify as Asian and Pacific Islander.

Our community includes people with a range of expertise about curly hair, from beginners to aficionados, including those who were either born with curly hair, or whose hair patterns and textures have changed over time in life.

To fulfill our mission of empowerment, we aim to provide the knowledge, resources and skills needed to care for naturally curly hair, so that we can all lead healthy lives and feel good about ourselves. We create a positive force for change in our cultural narrative by valuing the unique characteristics of our curly hair, and recognizing that we don’t need to change it to feel confident and beautiful.

Curly hair looks beautiful on you, too.

A note from Rosie

You inspire API Curls

Every day, since embarking on my curly hair journey in 2017, I get to wake up knowing that I can play a positive role in the life of so many others struggling to understand how their hair, identities and cultures are linked to their sense of self-worth.

If you’ve been needing the validation over who you naturally are, if you’ve been wanting to have confidence in your curls, you’ve come to the right place.

Part of me is charged with a certain fire and frustration that fuels the energy and inspiration behind not just carving out a seat at the table for you, but building that table from scratch.

API Curls won’t just open doors for you, we’ll design and construct the building you belong in.

So welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. 🙂 

Giving voice to our narrative

"I'm not alone."

This is the reaction and impact that we can have on youth and children who are growing up in households that aren’t teaching them how to care for their curly hair, or who don’t have positive role models telling them that their natural hair textures and patterns are beautiful.

You’re not alone. This community is for you.



Commit to loving your natural hair texture. Browse (and follow!) our blog and media for information on best hair care practices, shared stories, and relevant dialogue changing our curly hair narrative in the API culture.


Share your story and how you found our site (there’s a reason you were looking for something like this!). This community is about sharing our experiences so we can recognize our commonalities and become a positive voice for change.


Participate in our monthly creative prompts or hair care challenges, designed to build confidence, invite thoughtful conversation about how it feels to be excluded from traditional beauty standards, and finding a space for our uniqueness. 

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About Rosie
API Curls Founder

Entrepreneur, Creator, & Influencer

As a Southeast Asian Entrepreneur, Rosie Chuong is leading empowered people of all ages around the globe looking to live beyond the straight hair standard by embracing their natural hair patterns and textures with confidence.

She is best known for her Teen Vogue article on the struggles of understanding her identity as an Asian woman living with curly hair. Since then, Chuong’s journey and perspective has received international attention and can be found featured in Dove, Braids & Jade, NaturallyCurly, and other media outlets.